I offer a variety of different services; therefore my rates vary from job to job.  Please call and discuss your needs and we can arrange a deal to suit your budget.

Each job is quoted prior to commencement. If a job takes longer than expected, it will cost you the same amount that was agreed upon originally. But if you do need an hourly rate, it starts at $90 per hour. I’m committed to giving you the best results for the best possible price. 


With production, arranging, recording and mixing work, I prefer to quote by song rather than by hour. My quotes factor in additional work, including the hiring of diverse session musicians and the use of pre-sampled sounds, whereas hourly rates can be negotiated for demos.

Mastering is quoted during the final stages of the project. Album-based work is subject to generous discounts.


We accept cash, cheque or direct deposit. All bookings are confirmed by $100 deposit.

Recording/Mixing - Full balance due on day 1 of recording.

Mastering - Full balance due on day prior to release of material. 

No masters leave the building until the account is paid in full.

Tuition - Full School Term in advance, ($45 per lesson at 30 minutes each).