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Eliot Reynolds

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Welcome to SongCave Studios, Lawson. This professional recording studio exists to support the next step in your music career. I have established this facility in a full-time capacity through displaying a passionate work ethic and a deep love for preserving the original work of emerging artists. 

As a highly experienced musician, a published composer, and a specialist in the rock, jazz, ‘world’, and ‘new age’ genres with over 40 years in the industry, my top priority is supporting the love for one's own music. 

I don't try to imprint my own sound on yours.  I use my knowledge to fulfil your artistic vision. Upon entering my inner sonic sanctum, you will find first class recording, mixing and mastering equipment and a custom range of beloved musical instruments. A wide range of home-owned boutique gear occupies these peaceful recording rooms, which were designed by one of the world’s greatest acousticians. My combination of rare analogue gear and modern audio technology optimises the efficiency of the recording process, saving the time and money of my clients. I also own 50 top shelf microphones, featuring Neumann, Rode, Sennheiser, and Shure products. I offer the choice of ProTools HD, Logic, or Cubase software for compatibility. 

All programs are personally owned and registered. SongCave Studios also host a networked video mirroring setup so performers can be in different rooms while recording parts for screen-based projects and viewing content for soundtracking simultaneously. This is more than just a recording studio - I do what clients can’t do themselves. I offer my esteemed skills of guitar performance, arranging, and songwriting at equal rates while I work on your music. I also offer the tuition of certain instruments. 

My work contacts with excellent international session musicians such as drummers Paul Wheeler (Icehouse) and Paul De Marco (Rose Tattoo) can further assist in developing your material. Clients often comment positively on my relaxed nature and the woody freshness of SongCave Studios, complete with no cigarette smoking or bad smells. Our humidity-controlled studio rooms are comfortably air conditioned and are equipped with leather lounge seating. By the way, I don’t charge for meal breaks. 

Before taking on new projects, I usually like to go for a coffee and ‘interview’ clients to see if we get along. Due to a patient nurturing of trust and understanding between many different musicians, most of my studio work is conducted on a repeating client basis. I often find frequently repeating business from singer-songwriters, rock/jazz/indie/country/blues/bluegrass bands, film companies, and corporate groups. 

The work of SongCave Studios has been praised by a wide range of modern artists, including past collaborators of ours such as SideShow Annie, Brianna Holm (The Voice), The Convicts, Gary Caganoff (Lysis Films), Chantell Alexi and Chris O, both nationally-charting country, blues and roots artists. My collaborators frequently mention my laid-back-yet-professional nature, and my passionate approach to the creative process which helps to make things fun. It has also been said that I understand singers and foster work into having a rich and natural quality, which is the signature sound of SongCave Studios. I am very thankful for these comments. I’m serious about producing high quality recordings, so I expect you to be serious about performing quality music. Any musician will get so much more out of our recording experience if they are well practiced, well rested, focused, and ready to perform with confidence. I’m keen to hear what you can do!