CD mastering is one of my main sources of business. I offer this service with the same time frame and costs as DVD stereo audio mastering, having worked the sound mastering of films such as the 2014 indie horror There’s Something In The Pilliga. CD mastering clients can expect to leave my studios with a Red Book quality Master, checked entirely for errors, as well as a Safety/Listening copy. Further copies are $5 each. I also provide digital audio dubbing and editing services, charged at $80 per hour. Bulk discounts are available, and I can compile, transfer and restore your masters from most formats. 

I accept audio in the formats of CD-R, AIFF and WAV.

I can also supply DDP, 24 or 16-Bit, 44.1 or 48kHz .wav files on DVD when requested.


Most albums that leave SongCave have an average session time of 6-7 hours, although some obviously take longer. Five hours is the minimum time in which I can master your record, create CD masters, and provide a quality check for audio. 


Most SongCave-produced EP’s have an average session time of 2.5 to 3 hours.

Singles - one or two songs 

It’s more economical if you provide more songs to me work on in the one job. However, most SongCave singles have an average cost of $200, including masters. This equates to $100 per song. 


I am typically booked in from two to three weeks in advance for my mastering work on albums and EP’s, but I might be able to fit you in at an earlier stage in time. Please ring me and check. I’m here to help, and you’re welcome to attend and observe your mastering session. 

Digital Backup

I back up all data as a courtesy and keep it for 90 days.